Well, one would hope so!

I haven’t really blogged an awful lot in the past. Well at least not in English. I’ve been blogging a bit over on my German Blog, but that’s mostly non techie stuff. In fact most of the stuff is about my experience as a German guy, living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

The main reason why I decided to start this brand new shiny blog is because I’m working on a new project!

Yes I know, how exciting. Well, we all know that the chances to work on a Greenfield project are quite rare. I am still working (as a freelancer) for the same company in Glasgow. After working for the past one year or so on one of their flagship product, I now get the chance to work on something completely different. I can’t tell to much about the new project but I can tell you about the technologies we’re going to use.

After doing a couple of private projects using the asp.net mvc framework I think it’s now time for prime time.

Here are some of the key technologies we’re going to use:

  • asp.net mvc
  • spark view engine (Ja! No tag soup please!)
  • nHibernate (because database doesn’t matter)
  • StructureMap (cause I like to be independent)
  • jQuery

One of the reasons I am so excited about the new project is the fact, that most of the “professional” projects I was working on in the past were using asp.net forms, no proper ORM, no IoC and Microsoft Update panel Quatsch.

I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I already know that I am going to bang my head on the table when it comes to jQuery function callbacks (actually I hate javascript) and nested transactions or the unit of work pattern in nHibernate and how to tie that all together using an IoC container. But in the end that’s all a great opportunity to dive into these new technologies. Much deeper than I could do in my spare time + I’m working with a really smart guy in it. (Yes, he actually likes jQuery :-).

I will use this blog to write about all the new stuff I will learn alongside this project and about all the stuff which has absolutely nothing to do with it. Ja, ich weiss!