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Conversion of the Gauss Krueger notation into latitude/longitude

From the archives

A while ago I wanted to implement Microsoft Virtual Earth (that’s now Bing Maps) into one of my projects (Web-Application). Unfortunately the existing geo-coordinates were formatted using the the Gauss Krüger notation. The problem is that both, Virtual Earth and Google Maps, are working with latitude/longitude. So I had to convert the Guass Krüger coordinates.
After some research I found an article from Wolfgang Back. He wrote a little pda application to convert Gauss Krüger into latitute/longitude. Perfect! Well, almost. Mr. Back likes his VB so the code was in in Visual Basic which I had to translate into C# .

Convert Gauss Krueger into latitude/longitude

First we need to convert the given Gauss Krueger coordinates into lat/long:

7-Parameter-Helmert Transformation

After the conversion you have to do the 7-Parameter-Helmert Transformation to avoid the distortion which occurs when you convert coordinates from one 3-dimensional system to another 3-dimensional geodesic system. (To be honest I don’t understand it in every details but it works :-))

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