A while back, I posted about a fresh start project wise and that I am looking forward to blogging about my new project and all the development stuff that comes along with it. As you can see (or not) I didn’t post an awful lot recently. Apart from being quite busy recently, one reason for not blogging too intensively is that most of the work so far was around scaffolding and kind of standard CRUD stuff on the frontend side.

Although I think we came up with a pretty cool, lightweight and flexible framework on top of ASP.NET MVC, nHibernate, Spark View Engine and jQuery I just didn’t feel this was worth writing extensive blog posts about. Maybe I’ll change my mind and I shall do some blogging in retrospect about all the scaffolding work done so far.

For the next couple of weeks some of the work will include batch geocoding, legacy data import, google maps integration + radius search based on the geocoded data, implementing a payment provider as well as working on a little search engine. Some of the stuff is fairly new to me and not typically what you would see in a line of business application which I’ve done most so far.

I won’t promise anything but the chances are quite high that I’ll write something about one or the other task that I’m going to stumble accross as I find them much more exciting than implementing the repository pattern using nHibernate to get you User / Roles stuff materialized propperly 🙂